15 Black and Indigenous-Owned Natural Beauty & Wellness Brands for Glowing Skin this Winter

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As we welcome rest and relaxation back into our lives, we can all try to make time for moments of self-care – no matter how short.

The beauty and wellness industry often tries to sell us more products than we need with constant calls to buy more. True holistic self-care has nothing to do with consumption and can take many forms, often found in quiet moments outside of capitalism.

But skincare and wellness routines can allow us time to slow down. So if you’re looking to treat yourself or find an end-of-year gift for a loved one, here are 15 Black and Indigenous-owned natural beauty and wellness brands to keep your skin healthy and radiant this winter.

These brands all claim to be natural, meaning no harmful ingredients were used and ingredients are usually plant-based.

For more on what “natural,” “organic,” and “non-toxic” mean for skincare, read this guide by Madeleine Wisecup of The Wise Consumer.

Note: The guide contains affiliate links. As always, we only feature brands meeting strict sustainability criteria that we love and think you’ll love too!

Now, let’s get into the recommendations:

1. Aba Love Apothecary

Founded by Certified Aromatherapist Aba Gyepi-Garbrah, this holistic brand focuses on harnessing the power of nature and plant medicine. Ingredients are carefully chosen for their healing properties, with special attention to ethical sourcing.

Wellness Pick: Body Tonic Toner ($42)

Sustainable Highlights: Plant-based, organic, wildcrafted, non-GMO

2. Becalia Botanicals

Inspired by founder Jazmin Guerrero’s Mexican heritage, Becalia Botanicals connects people to their roots through nourishing skincare with natural ingredients. Their focus is intentional self-care that soothes skin inside and out.

Wellness Pick: Hibiscus Clay Mask ($26)

Sustainable Highlights: Botanically-derived ingredients

3. Cocokind

With simple, quality ingredients, sustainable production, and fair pricing, Cocokind provides accessible, all-natural skincare. Based on your skin, they recommend suitable products and have a Routine Builder to help create a regimen.

Wellness Pick: Rosewater Facial Toner ($17)

Sustainable Highlights: Plant-powered, cruelty-free

4. Golde

Originally inspired by turmeric, Golde aims to make wellness inclusive and accessible through superfood skincare and edible wellness. Their products fit your lifestyle, from face masks to lattes.

Wellness Pick: Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend ($29)

Sustainable Highlights: Natural, vegan-friendly, superfood-based

5. Hanahana Beauty

Born from lack of industry transparency, Hanahana promotes awareness of ethical sourcing and sustainability. They use shea butter from a women’s cooperative in Ghana.

Wellness Pick: Lemongrass Shea Body Butter ($28)

Sustainable Highlights: Natural, fair trade, cruelty-free

6. Ilera Apothecary

Inspired by founder Chinonye Akunne’s Nigerian roots, Ilera Apothecary keeps West African wellness alive through nourishing skincare. They focus on revitalizing dry, aging, eczema-prone skin with ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil.

Wellness Pick: Revitalizing Night Oil ($29.99)

Sustainable Highlights: Plant-based, ethically sourced

7. Jai Eden Beauty

Using antioxidant, antibacterial Tamanu oil from the Pacific Islands, Jai Eden creates natural skincare while empowering women of color and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Wellness Pick: Lavender Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover ($13)

Sustainable Highlights: Vegan, all-natural

8. Kaike

Kaike creates fun, clean beauty and skincare for body, mind and earth with minimal, versatile products. Their philosophy is less is more.

Wellness Pick: Frosting Hair + Body Butter ($25)

Sustainable Highlights: Vegan, all-natural, cruelty-free, multi-use

9. Kobee’s Organic Lip Balm

Using just 4 ingredients in compostable packaging, Kobee’s crafts simple, nourishing lip care. They donate to organizations protecting oceans, forests and air.

Wellness Pick: Peppermint Eco Balm ($4)

Sustainable Highlights: Organic, plastic-free

10. Limegreen

Believing in simplicity like their grandmothers, Limegreen makes natural, vegan multi-use skincare. Each product has 3 uses for anyone.

Wellness Pick: Multi-oil ($32)

Sustainable Highlights: Multi-use, vegan, all-natural

11. Nopalera

Inspired by the nourishing nopal cactus, Nopalera uses Mexican botanicals to create soothing bath and body care that celebrates Latinx culture.

Wellness Pick: Flor de Mayo Cactus Soap ($14)

Sustainable Highlights: Cruelty-free, vegan, palm oil-free, no synthetic fragrances

Flor de Mayo Cactus soap from Black and Indigenous-owned Nopalera

12. Shocks of Love

Part of the “scent for self-care” revolution, Shocks of Love creates mood-boosting, skin-nourishing aromatherapy without alcohol. A portion of proceeds support a Black-led artist residency.

Wellness Pick: Dreamlover Relaxing Spray ($65)

Sustainable Highlights: 100% plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, eco packaging

Dreamlover relaxing spray from Black and Indigenous-owned Shocks of Love

13. Pholk Beauty

Pholk Beauty provides custom “soul food” skincare for all skin types using heirloom botanicals from Black, BIPOC and women-owned farms.

Wellness Pick: Glow Replenishing Face Wash ($20)

Sustainable Highlights: All-natural, non-toxic

Glow Replenishing Face Wash from Black and Indigenous-owned Pholk Beauty

14. Velvet Origins

To find natural skincare for her family, Aashima Kapoor embraced her Indian roots and Ayurveda to create tailored beauty boxes with ethical brands.

Wellness Pick: Bloom Box ($36)

Sustainable Highlights: Plant-powered, ethically sourced, all-natural

Bloom Box from Black and Indigenous-owned Velvet Origins

15. Yukon Soaps

As an Indigenous-owned brand, Yukon Soaps makes handcrafted soaps and oils inspired by founder Joella Hogan’s heritage and local Yukon plants.

Wellness Pick: Petals + Patchouli Soap ($8.50)

Sustainable Highlights: Small-batch, plant-based


If you want to find more Black and Indigenous-owned beauty and wellness brands, check out these platforms:

  • BLK + GRN – Online marketplace for natural, non-toxic beauty by Black artisans.
  • Melanin & Sustainable Style – Interview-based magazine spotlighting BIPOC in sustainable fashion, beauty and wellness.
  • Pink Moon – Wellcare sharing female-founded, sustainable brands for women.
  • Shop Latinx – Marketplace for Latinx-owned small businesses including beauty.

Wishing you a winter of glowing skin and soothing moments of self-care.

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