17 Best Zero Waste & Sustainable Products for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

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The most recent focus in my Sustainable Swap Challenge has been creating a zero waste personal care routine, which has highlighted the need for some switches to sustainable bathroom products! There is a whole lot of plastic and waste in conventional bathroom products — not to mention toxic ingredients.

It can feel overwhelming, but that’s why I’m breaking down 17 switches we can make to transition to a more low waste, sustainable bathroom.

Note that this guide includes partners and affiliate links, which means we may earn a comission if you purchase via these links at no additional cost to you. This helps us continue to write more resources for you!

1. Organic Cotton Towels from Delilah Home

Plush organic cotton towels in white and light blue

Delilah Home’s naturally soft and fluffy organic towels are the perfect way to elevate your every day sustainably. I’m kind of swooning over how incredibly plush and luxurious these towels look — and the 20 customers who left five-star reviews can verify that these towels are as amazing as they appear!

The earth-minded brand’s towels are made from Turkish cotton that has been certified organic by the world’s leading organic certifying body, Global Organic Textile Standard. Delilah Home also has certifications from Green America, OneCert, and Textile Exchange.

Check Out the Organic Towels

Find more organic towel brands here.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

As you’re beginning to transition to a low-waste bathroom, the simplest thing to start with is to switch to bars! Every time you’re about to run out of something, like shampoo, that typically comes in a plastic bottle, think about getting that item in bar form the next time!

When you’re ready to zero waste your hair care routine, EcoRoots has you covered with plenty of options made with natural and organic ingredients. I got to test out their Forest Mist shampoo bar and conditioner bar and they smell incredible and they’ve worked great with my hair! The package-free bars are also palm oil-free and vegan. (You can explore more of their shampoo & conditioner bars in their Bath & Beauty collection.)

Check Out EcoRoot’s Forest Mist Shampoo Bar

Check Out EcoRoot’s Forest Mist Conditioner Bar

3. Refillable Body Wash & Hand Wash

When it comes to refillable body care products, Plaine Products is the leader! They have vegan zero waste body wash and hand wash that is palm-oil free and made with organic ingredients.

How it works: once you’re done with the body wash or hand wash, you can simply order a refill and send back your used aluminum bottle to be cleaned and reused.

And, when you buy these products from Green Eco Dream, you can subscribe and save 10% on Plaine Products’ refillable essentials!

Check Out the Refillable Body Wash

Check Out the Refillable Hand Wash

4. All-Natural Low Waste Mouthwash

Low-waste refillable mouthwash can be a way to freshen your breath while minimizing waste. Most of the zero waste mouthwashes on the market today come in the form of tablets, which not everyone can get used to. And honestly, after switching to mouthwash tablets, I didn’t use my mouthwash as much since it wasn’t as convenient to use!

So Nix Mouthwash is a great natural mouthwash alternative that is easy to use, tastes great, and is still low waste. I found myself reaching for my Nix Mouthwash day after day even when I still had some mouthwash tablets to use up from another brand because Nix’s mouthwash is really just so much easier to use.

How does it work? Essentially your first package of Nix will be a filled mouthwash container and a glass jar for the refills.

Once the container is empty, simply put some scoops of the refills in the container and fill with water. When you’re out of refills, you can just order another glass jar of refills!

Everything else works just like regular mouthwash: you just pour the allocated amount out to swish around and spit out — there are no additional steps necessary!

Check Out Nix Natural & Low-Waste Mouthwash

5. Cocofloss

Conscious Life & Style Partner

There’s no need to sacrifice effectiveness for sustainability when it comes to your dental hygiene routine. Cocofloss’s award-winning textured dental floss is made from recycled plastic bottles and infused with cleansing, naturally antibacterial coconut oil and natural scents like spearmint oil. The recycled floss is woven into a textured weave that is super-effective at removing sticky plaque. It’s also free of toxins, including BPA, parabens, SLS, and PFAS.

And, to help reduce single-use plastics, Cocofloss offers floss refills in backyard compostable packaging. One reviewer shares that they’ve been using the same floss case for three years!

With 4.7 stars from nearly 6,000 reviews, you know Cocofloss is on to something!

Check out Cocofloss

6. David’s Recyclable Natural Toothpaste Tube

Zero Waste Toothpaste from David's Toothpaste

David’s natural toothpaste is one of the best on the market — it’s EWG-verified — which is the highest rating a product can receive from the Environmental Working Group — it’s not tested on animals, 98% of ingredients are sourced domestically in the US, and it comes in a recyclable metal tube!

You can also make your own DIY toothpaste if that’s something you feel comfortable with. Just make sure that the person making the recipe has ensured it’s effective — and you might want to consult with your dentist.

Check Out David’s Toothpaste on Green Eco Dream

7. Bamboo Toothbrush

It’s not hard to figure out that getting a new plastic toothbrush every few months adds up to whole lot of waste — now multiple that by everyone in the world that uses toothbrushes and we’ve got a serious problem. Bamboo toothbrushes can be an eco-friendly, compostable alternative.

The company I got my bamboo toothbrushes from a while back doesn’t look like it’s still around, but you can find bamboo toothbrushes at EcoRoots!

Check Out EcoRoots’ Bamboo Toothbrushes

8. Metal Safety Razor

It’s no secret that disposable plastic razors lead to massive waste — even back in the 1990s, the EPA estimated that Americans tossed 2 billion plastic razors per year! And I don’t think I’m alone when saying that it’s frustrating to be constantly forking over money for expensive blades!

The zero-waste swap for costly, wasteful razors? Long-lasting, durable metal safety razors. The EcoRoots team sent me one of their rose gold safety razors to try out and my friends, I cannot believe how different the experience is with a safety razor. For starters, it feels super chic that I actually kind of look forward to shaving. But beyond the aesthetics, the performance compared to disposable razors is making me wonder why I didn’t implement this switch sooner. Safety razors allow for a much closer shave, leaving a far smoother result.

Note: As with any other type of razor, using shaving soap and water reduces the risk of irritation or cuts!

Check Out EcoRoots’ Safety Razor

9. Organic Shaving Soap Bar

Speaking of shaving soap… EcoRoots also has a zero-waste solution for this. Their organic shaving soap bar is a nourishing formula combining coconut oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter, with a lovely mix of essential oils, like lemon and lavender. The soap, by the way, smells fantastic — it’s one of those scents that can instantly brighten your mood!

I also loved that the soap came plastic-free and very package-light to minimize waste.

Check Out EcoRoot’s Shaving Soap Bar

10. Bathroom Accessories from Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home has elegant plastic-free bathroom accessories built to last. Their products are made from earth-minded materials like bamboo, ceramic, and recycled glass. (Their soap dispenser is partially made from recycled plastic.)

I have the brand’s toothbrush holder and the soap dish and they look really sleek and are made with great quality. They also clean up very nicely!

Check out the 4-Piece Full Circle Home Set from Green Eco Dream

11. TUSHY Attachable Bidet

TUSHY Bidet Review

Bidets are a no-brainer to me when it comes to sustainable bathroom products. They reduce waste, they’re more hygenic and they save you money in the long-run.

Bidets are essentially like sinks for your toilet that can help reduce or eliminate toilet paper in the bathroom. While standalone bidets are expensive and require some advanced plumbing work, bidet attachments, like this one from TUSHY, retail at under $100 and can be installed in less than 20 minutes. Check out my full review on the TUSHY Classic Bidet here.

Check Out the TUSHY Classic Bidet | Check Out the TUSHY Spa Bidet with warm water

12. Bamboo Toilet Paper or Recycled TP

Conventional toilet paper is responsible for the destruction of a whole lot of trees. Recycled toilet paper can be a great eco-friendly option, though it can contain small amounts of BPA since recycled paper content can include recycled receipts. Bamboo toilet paper is another sustainable (and typically softer) choice, as bamboo grows incredibly quickly. Bamboo TP also uses less water – TUSHY reports that one roll of their Bamboo TP takes 0.59 gallons of water while a roll of conventional TP from virgin paper uses 37 gallons of water.

Check out TUSHY’s Bamboo Toilet Paper or Who Gives a Crap Bamboo Toilet Paper | Check out Who Gives a Crap Recycled Toilet Paper

13. Zero Waste Period Products

Menstrual Cup and Pantyliner Pad - Zero Waste Period Products

There are many options for having a low waste period routine depending on your flow, lifestyle, and preferences. For a full look at the options, check out our Guide to Organic, Sustainable, and Zero Waste Period Products.

My personal favorites: I’ve tried out a few menstrual cups and have liked the cup from Saalt the best so far and when it comes to reusable pads and liners, I’m a big fan of GladRags! I also use period underwear as a menstrual cup backup for heavier flow days.

For me, the menstrual cup has been a lifesaver. I find them to be far more comfortable and convenient — since you can use them for up to 12 hours at a time — than any other options. However, others do not like them at all and prefer reusable pads or period underwear only.

Again, each person has their preferences, and it may take a bit of time to find what the best options are for you!

Check Out Zero Waste Menstrual Products on Green Eco Dream

14. Organic Castile Soap for Cleaning

Castile soap is a concentrated, super versatile cleaner, which makes it the perfect essential to have in your arsenal of sustainable bathroom products. The key lies in the dilution! Here is a quick guide to dilutions from Dr. Bronner’s with 18 different uses for this one wonder ingredient.

Personally, I think Castile soap works better as a cleaning product than as a shampoo or body wash, though, as it can dry out your skin!

While there are many Castile soaps, I suggest Dr. Bronner’s because they use mostly organic and fair trade ingredients, including regenerative organic coconut oil, and package it all up in a post-consumer recycled bottle.

Check Out Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

15. Homemade Natural Deodorant

DIY Natural Homemade Deodorant - Sustainable Bathroom Guide

Deodorant is another simple DIY to make at home. In fact, this recipe has only 3 ingredients: coconut oil, baking soda or arrowroot powder, and essential oils. I’ve tried a few natural deodorants in the past and none of them worked quite right, so I just decided to make my own! This one works for me and doesn’t irritate my skin. Everyone will have to find the right option for them, but if you want to experiment making your own deodorant, this is an easy recipe to try!

Check Out my Easy Deodorant DIY

16. LastSwab Reusable Cotton Swabs

It’s time to quit those single-use Q-Tips once and for all. LastSwab is the world’s very first reusable, low waste swap for cotton swabs and was build with exceptional quality — one LastSwab is built to last up to 1000 uses!

There is a basic option for everyday needs and a beauty option with a smooth texture and pointed edge perfect for applying and fixing makeup. The cases each LastSwab come in are made from a bio-based plastic as well.

Check Out LastSwab Basic and LastSwab Beauty

17. Reusable Cotton Rounds

Zero Waste Makeup Remover Pads from Last Object

While single-use cotton rounds may be plastic free, cotton is a super water-intensive and often pesticide-ridden crop, so when purchasing cotton, it’s far preferable to choose something reusable and organic!

And these LastObject rounds fit the bill — they are GOTS-certified organic cotton and designed to be used over a thousand times. They also come in a bio-based case.

Check Out the Reusable Cotton Rounds

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